Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome Back Kotter

To say that I need the internet and a new laptop is now beyond the truth

Dear Blog; how I have missed you.

I have discovered acrylic paints for nail art. It is fantastic because I love mixing colors, and it is so much easier to use a paintbrush. Thank you Dollarama, you have my back.

I have been going through a faze of doing old video game nails. I love the look it brings to people, whether it be a laugh or smirk, I know I am helping bring back some of their childhood memories.

 Pac Man Party!!

1up your life!

I am working on my 3d nail art, ordering fruit slices from China and patiently waiting their arrival, or using that good ol' Dollarama again to find googly-eyes. I just think that it's a fun process, to plan it and see it develop is quite rewarding.

Blackberry Curve 8530 is not a great camera

A family of hooligans!