Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here Comes Our Motive

Fall, what a beautiful season you are, welcome!

Let's get say that autumn is the best season, well, it may be pushing it for some people. Autumn for the nail season, is all about pushing the envelope.


When I see a woman with her nails done, I am (in my head) jumping for joy. When I see a woman with her nails in a luscious shade of cranberry, well it makes me believe she was sent from the 1940's. Not only a part of my daily life, (helloooo, put them in salads and kick assssss) cranberry with the combo of Fall are the reasons we don't put on those gloves/mitts just yet.

Suggestion: Essie 'Very Cranberry' 
(yes yes, the brush sucks, try lighter strokes)


Well, I have a lot to say on this subject, but we'll talk grapes at a later post. Fall is all about rocking as many shades of red as you can. For someone like me, who is naturally (haha no, that is a lie) blonde, with pale skin, we hesitate in wearing red clothes. I prefer to jazz it up with red nails (add a red lip to kick it up a notch, and of course, those Marilyn glances..) Wine is the prefect shade, it has a purple base so we blonde babes can rock it.

Suggestion: OPI 'Malaga Wine'
(brush too wide for your nail plate?? grab an angled makeup brush and GO!)



Yes, I spelt that the British way, what can I say; my friend Natalie influences me. You can rock a grey nail during fall, as much as we know Elton John can sing. (85% sure I am, going to be him for Halloween; just to sing all night) From the darker shades that remind you; night swiftly shows up, to the lighter tones, even 'older' gems can wear. 

Suggestion: China Glaze 'Recycle'
(I love this color and I'm a lil too greedy to share this lacquer)


Welcome back, I understand if you had to grab a glass of water, or step away to show a friend, this undeniably great blog. Welcome to the hue of 'assurance'. The warmth of this tone, the way it works with any nail shape or length, it quite frankly makes me happy when I walk the streets of Toronto and see it out. (yes lady, I'm looking at yo' nails while crossing the street) This shade works well with any skin tone. 

Suggestion: China Glaze 'VII'
(olive skin really, absolutely rocks this shade) 


Because we all hate wearing something at one point of the day. If you need a break from painting your nails strong colors, I suggest you switch to a strengthening regime (nailtiques works wonders, but you must be dedicated) or go for the bare necessity. Forget about your worries and use something pale, a match to your skin tone perhaps. 

Suggestion: OPI 'Tickle My France-y'
(works well for bridal parties, or just a LBD night with the girls)

As far as nail art goes, I would stick with simple half moons. With autumn, blazers fall into the mix. If you place that wonderful piece of fashion with half moons---people be thinkin' you the Kate Hepburn of 2011. (okay realistically, only with straight legged pants and yankee parents) 

  Dita, you had me at half moon