Friday, February 18, 2011

ailing in life? just add a 'N' to the front!

I believe we need to envoke passion in life. I believe we need someone to challenge our creativity. I believe, if you do not provide your artistic brain with a mentor; you become a 'fool of a took' (hell yeah, I just referenced Gandalf)

Kimmie Kyees and Jenna Hipp are the women who give me the motive (not in a CSI way) to become the best nail technician I can be...oh and I will be, I am fucking awesome; it just came naturally to me after years of searching 'who I wanted to become' in terms of career.

Kimmie Kyees
'I just called, to say, I love you'
I am obviously not going into A&E biography details, since Bill Curtis got a restraining order on me.. (HAHA jokes) but this woman is the 'rolls royce' of nailing hollywood.
Did you watch the grammys this year? Okay, I did but only to see what she nailed on Rihanna and Katy Perry. She is a believer in MINX.. (thanks Mom, those ebay purchases from England and Hong Kong; worth the money) She is a believer in originality, she is a believer in making a statement on the nail plate. I just adore her way and look forward to reading her tips in any magazine that has a lacquer/nail section.
A session manicurist who started a passion and became a huge success.
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Jenna Hipp
I will start off by saying that she tweeted me...I fell to the floor in my sister's condo because I could not believe that it was FOR REALZ. I think I even shed a tear.. (okay, I shed many, I was blown away)
Did you see the issue of 'Vogue' with Michelle Williams on the cover? Guess what, that was the hipp way of doing a manicure. Oh, did you see the one and only Winona Ryder on the cover of 'ELLE'? Oh correct you are, another a la hipp. She is a green manicurist who believes in quality of green nail control.
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dear Mom and Pops, if you value encouraging your kids--which you do--I would hope that you just decide to spend some more extra cash on my dreams..afterall, it's up to you whether or not you want to live in my basement or a retirement home.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Passion Takes It All

Oh me, Oh my.

I have fallen in lust.
This is the reason behind my break from the blog
(that and I never get internet access @ my place)

Blog readers, I would like to introduce you to my love..

Welcome to a whole new world of excitement and passion. I like to do my produce shopping in Chinatown, and yes, while I'm there to pick up green peppers and such, I am also secretly gopping at people's nails.

They always kick it up a notch in Chinatown. I will practically jump on a woman if I see something 3D hailing from her free edge. I absolutely can't wait to start doing 3D nails on myself and clients. I currently have my enhancements done with large different colored rhinestones, and they are absolutely making a statement. I cannot wait to do some 3D decal shopping in Chinatown, then sitting myself down at home and learning this craft and rocking it Neil Young style.

I simply am astonished over how much they make any outfit stand out. You could be looking like a messy Pamela Anderson but there is something about these nails that take a bad day look and bang it out of the park.

 Rhinestone Heaven

When did bathrooms become the new place to hold photoshoots?!

I looove this so much..many people will find it tacky, but those are the people who still wear socks and sandals together.

So adorable! I need to get some of these ASAP! (aka..get on it Mother)

I really want for women to see the playful side of nails. The fun that your nail technician has when these types of clients sit in their chair is beyond description. Do not hesitate to try something new, you never know what the outcome will be! You could end up falling in love with the 3D nails and become a nail fashionista or you could try it once and decide that it's not for you, atleast you surfaced from the normal, atleast you were daring enough.

You live once, at the end of your life would you rather say
"I wish I would have stepped out of my barriers more" or "I took risks, I dived head first into the unknown and I came out really knowing myself"

I am choosing to just try, try, try. I want life to be full of excitement and yes, it is already, but I do not mind putting myself out there and saying 'I am with you Universe, and I know you are guiding me to great things through my positive energy and being'.

'Life is not tried, it is merely survived, if you're standing outside the fire'

Now, since it's Vagina Day...oops I mean Valentine's Day, here is cute lil mani I did on my sister