Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Blues, Try Winter Hues

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, my lacquer's glistening...a beautiful sight, I am happy tonight, walking with winter nail palates. 

I welcome the skating at Nathan Phillips Square.
I welcome the mitts, hats, scarves.
I welcome the deep magnificent hues of winter nails.
(I however, shut the door on black ice and freezing rain)

Whether you are thinking of Lord of the Rings or the modern community in Spain, this dark lavish green screams power and attention. It may appear black from a far, but when this lacquer hits the lights, it glows a deep green.
(candlestick/the billiard room excluded)

'Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow' 

I believe everyone enjoys a little sparkle here and there...the duty of taking it off may deter you from wearing glitter. I have the answer! It lies within a mysterious hue of silver and white. If you are looking for an eye popping manicure for NYE, here you have it!
(I suggest starting with one coat of white to jack up the sparkle, and always dab, do not brush on like normal lacquer)

'Happy Anniversary' 

Can we talk purple? 
Every shade of purple is gorgeous on any skin tone, the fun with winter is you may go darker without making any excuses! Think outside the box and let a rich, stygian lacquer rock thy nails!


 Remember the OPI Canadian Collection?! 
'Glacier Bay Blues' was by far one of my favorite colors, yet sadly has been discontinued.
I am still trying to locate something that signifies the pure bliss of night and I believe I have found it. 
Think electric, think funk.


Want to rock your Christmas Party?
I welcome you back to my love of red lacquer. This next color has a razzle dazzle to it!
(think Billy Flynn of CHICAGO..yes Josh; I am singing the Cell Block Tango)
Pair this with a LBD and you are set to be the talk of the night.

'Ruby Pumps'

Last but not least, for the women who prefer a nude nail. 
There is nothing wrong with being subtle, and I proudly recommend this color to you conservative gals out there. 
(and yes, for once there is a product out there with my correct spelling. I do however wish it would have been a lacquer of more flair)


Let the snow fall, may you do snow angels and revert back to childhood, just do it with fabulous nails!