Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Put Your Dukes Up..It's Fightin' Time

Hello 2013!
 (where's John Cusack? We made it baby!)

 January 10th will mark my fourth year living in this lovely city.
I sometimes, cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by.
I sometimes cannot believe that, I did not move earlier.

I feel very inspired with what this year will bring. 
I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity of what each day brings. 
There is just something magical when that clock strikes midnight and bam! you have to change calendars, for a new year has arrived. 
(let's face it though, my tired ass was in bed by 9pm)

Some believe in resolutions; I believe in making detailed personal goals.

Here is my motto for 2013:

If you dream it, you dare it. 
If you dare it, you do it. 
If you do it, start dreaming again.

With the element of belief, the spontaneity of trying, perpetual focus, and intense drive, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Nothing is impossible! 
This blog may have been off kilter, but I just thought to inspire any readers.

Personal Goal Numero Uno:

Write the entire rough copy of my novel!
(just as I type this, my friend Josh says 'Christ, finish it already, I need some money to travel')

Personal Goal Numero Dos:

Having a weekly wardrobe ready to rock the streets of Toronto!
(confidence comes from attitude, and how can you feel bad if you look great?)

Personal Goal Numero Tres:

Saving money for college September 2014!
(I have finally decided what I want to pursue! Fashion Styling YO!)

Personal Goal Numero Quatro:

The biggest of the all...staying sober and healthy!
(the hooch almost caused my early demised..fuck you smirnoff and friends)

*please note that the details, are none of your business*

check out that pout!