Friday, November 4, 2011

Rainbows In The Sky

In the wake of Kim Kartrashian's decision to file for divorce after 72 days of marriage, I thought I would take to my blog and express my feelings regarding this media stunt.

Let us all face the facts, this was nothing more than a sham, for money, for publicity.
There is not much that Kris Jenner, puppet master, will not do for a crisp bill.
Kim, honey, if you thought you were not ready for this marriage, why would you rush into it?
(uh oh, was bossman Seacrest giving you the 'you must do this for E!' stare?!)
You started your 'celebrity' career by getting pissed on, fucked (sorry folks) on camera, and I wonder who in their right mind would ever say YES to your plastic face, monotone speech, empty mind (and I am sure it is not filled with much other than ABBA's money money money).

It is such a shame when people give up on a marriage. I am not talking about those people who truly need a divorce (ie spousal abuse). I am talking about the people who rush into something ideal, to wear the white dress, to have the rings, to have the special day.
These are not romantics, these are sick people who twist love into their very own poison. 

And now for a quick sidenote on marriage:
My parents have been married thirty years. There is not one day that goes by where their marriage is not hard work. They have their problems, whether they be big or small, they do everything they can to figure out how to solve it, they never push it aside to another day of anger/frustration. I believe being raised with both my parents gave me a strong look at where your will can take you. Where your strength can take you. Where you find that inner courage to make it work, no matter what, because you love each other.

Kim Kardipshitian, will forever be a lonely, sad woman, who my sister once said 'should just marry her money' (but then again, she would not be marrying the george washington, she would be doing everything in her power to seduce woodrow wilson).
I feel sorry for this family, they want us to believe they are this amazing united front, well, like Kris Humphries, I have not been drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid. I have always seen this family as money hungry botox loving humans.

Now, this is the part that makes me angry (it is almost at the point of turning green, ripping off my shirt--HULK style) there are only six states in the USA that recognize same sex couples to be married (while these tramps get to ruin the sanctity of marriage)
How can the US federal government be so dated when it comes to this issue at hand.....are we not all human beings, looking to fulfill our lives with love, with a family? Who the fuck are they to say just because someone prefers cock to vagina or vice versa that they do not have the same rights?
I have many gay friends, one of my closest friends Josh; well he just puts a damn smile on my face daily. I am a lucky girl to have his friendship. He is a lucky guy to be living in Canada, where we recognize that same sex couples are equal to heterosexual couples (thanks Paul Martin, you did your country good on that one). I pray for the world to change its views. I pray we can find common ground, for all men and women. To be able to love with the way God created them.
Love is love, let it be equal. (and do we not all love rainbows?!)

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

Brian and Justin from the delicious show that is Queer as Folk


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