Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Wonderful World Of Body Art

I love art.
I am enthralled with being able to create something out of nothing, to be able to see with such a creative eye, for an outcome unlike any other.

Whether it be Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" painting, where you can interpret time melting away when you do not grab life by the balls.
Whether it be Clive Barker's "The Thief of Always" novel, where you can see how rich your childhood should remain even when given surreal opportunity.
Whether it be Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" movie, where it inspired me to do a fun nail design for the Halloween season.
Whether it be the face of Marlene Dietrich tattooed to the forearm of my (kick ass) Mom.

With that being said...I am ready to discuss the wonderful world of body art.

I am tattooed. I am proud to be tattooed. Each day that I wake up, I remember the sentiments surrounding my ink. From the skull on my wrist (leaving an abusive relationship, and transitioning into the woman I am today, with undeniable strength and courage) to the roman numerals of my parents wedding date on my shoulder (when I look in the mirror and think 'my goodness, there is everlasting love out there!'). I just love the look of body art, I love the self representation it provides to the world.

I have not been inked since February 2011. It has been a long time since I sat in a chair, with a gifted artist and created something that screams ME! I am one of those people who want a half sleeve of what some people would deem frivolous.

Here is that List:

-A Tyrannosaur
I have always had an innate love with Dinosaurs. I watched Peter Jackson's 'KING KONG' over and over again for the insatiable scenes with these bad ass mother fuckers
(the rest of the movie could have done without Adrian Brody's pants in my opinion).

-A picture of my cat, Oreo
I am in looooooove with my cat. I have had her since the tender age of ten, and our relationship has reached new levels as she has settled into 'cat retirement'
(she does not eat her food, unless I sing to her 'fly me to my food, and let me eat amongst the stars').

-A Harp
It has always been a dream of mine to learn how to play this undeniably sensual instrument. I love the passion that flows from the harpist to the audience. It is in fact, just incredible.
(did I mention my background is Irish, and that shit just flows through my veins)

-Veronica Lodge
From an early age, I have been a fan of Archie comics. This rich bitch just has it all..good looks, a father who falters at her requests, a man that is forever wrapped around her finger.
When I read these comics, I think nothing more of her fabulous lifestyle. Sorry Betty, your shit just does not make the cut.
(I kinda want to call V-Lodge a friend)

So there is it, call me crazy, call me wonderful. These are the subjects that make me smile in life, make me want to get that half sleeve ASAP. Now, how to tell my bank account to chill the fuck out and save remains to be seen.


my heart!

oh yes!


just a little Halloween Fun I created on my nails


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